Our Story

We're ThriveWear, a proudly Australian-owned and operated lifestyle brand. As athletes and lovers of the great outdoors, we find ourselves in activewear more times than not. After years of struggling to find quality activewear that's durable, functional, and affordable, we were inspired to create ThriveWear. With this brand, we're also able to help our community thrive. Long-lasting clothing means fewer purchases, which is better for both the environment and your wallet. As an environmentally conscious company, we continue to help our community by delivering your clothing in compostable packaging.

Thriving is more than just surviving. Movement keeps us all healthy and happy. Feeling comfortable and fresh in our clothing helps keep us moving every day. We'll provide you with the activewear that will encourage you to move towards a healthier lifestyle and a happier you.

thrive wear

Our Vision

We strive to create premium, durable clothing that empowers you to feel your best while working out. We want you to be comfortable in your activewear so you can focus on being you and feeling good. Our resolve to support our community means that we're delivering our ideals at affordable prices. Having the opportunity to grow and thrive shouldn't break the bank. We make sure it doesn't.

thrive wear

Our Product

We design our products to be accessible to as many people as possible, no matter their shape, size, age, gender, or skill. Activewear is for anyone and everyone, so we've created designs that are both practical and stylish. They're minimal yet chic. No matter who you are and what your fitness goals are, we're here to help you thrive both inside and out.

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We Were Born to Thrive, Not Just Survive

To thrive is an active choice we make every day. It's one we've made, and it's one we want to help you make. 

It's an attitude. It's your actions. It's what you choose. It's who we are. 

This is ThriveWear.

thrive wear