Wash before first use.


This is NOT a medical mask. This mask should not be used in any medical/surgical setting. This mask should not be used by individuals who are, or are caring for high risk individuals. By wearing this mask, it will not protect you or others against bacteria or viruses including SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19). However If you are unknowingly infected, by wearing a mask it may reduce the chance that you pass the bacteria/viruses/COVID-19 on to others.

A mask is not a substitute for good hand hygiene and physical distancing.

You will need more than one reusable mask

This item cannot be returned unless faulty or where required under Australian Consumer Law, please choose carefully.

Be aware that:

  • cloth masks should be washed after each use or at least daily
  • prolonged use, reuse without washing can lead to self-contamination and infection (of the wearer)
  • cloth masks are less effective when damp.

    Discard mask and use a new mask if;

    • your cloth mask does not fit snugly on your face (e.g. you can feel your breath coming out of the sides of the mask)
    • your mask keeps falling off or sliding down
    • there are holes in your mask
    • you need to keep adjusting your mask
    • the material has started to wear thin or fray.