Future You


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​This is the last book you’ll ever need as you lose weight for the last time and welcome in the Future You.

Written by Aidan D’Arcy, a leader in the field of personal development and transformation, this accessible, step-by-step guide to the Future You guides you through the process. It explains how to apply the steps and introduce them to specific areas of your daily life. You’ll discover how to:

  1. Start creating the life you want with the secrets to guaranteed weight loss.
  2. Setting goals to create and control your mindset to deliver results and improve your self-confidence.
  3. Techniques for resilience and success so that you can stop waiting for the miracle to happen and be one.
  4. Calculate your very own caloric requirements for rapid fat loss with real-life examples.
  5. Set up your daily nutrition plan to work FOR you, not against you (with an example meal plan).
  6. Create your very own fat loss workout with step-by-step instructions and examples - no gym needed.
  7. Order your favourite takeaway meal without sabotaging your results.
Plus MUCH more. 

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